Welcome to GandhiSoft

Welcome to the website of Anurag Gandhi.

Life is a computer program and every one is the programmer of his own life. Well, this website is not about the philosphy's of life, this is the web site where we can share our knowledge and experience in the field of computer programming. In this website you will also find the games and software developed by me.

In the "software" section, you will find the games and software created by me. I have created these softwares' when I was in college. These are not the professional software but may be a good starting point to think in the direction. You can think over it and possibilities are infinity to enhance its feature. This will help to enhance your programming logic.

In Articles section, you will find the list of articles of various topics written by me.

In Games section, you can play the games provided and have fun.

"C/C++ Programming" section will provide you programming problems and puzzles of different levels. If you are interested in C/C++ programming, you can go through these problems, articles and source codes to enhance your knowledge and programming skills. You can even test yourself by giving online test.

"My Personal Page" will give you some information about me, my likes and dislikes and many things related to me which I want to share with the whole world. My "Resume" is just to narrate you about my qualifications in academic and programming field. Professional projects or professional qualifications has not been added here because of professional reasons.

The "Thoughts" corner is the collection of some good thoughts and quotations which will inspire you and lead you towards the success.

I will always feel grateful to you if you have any comment, suggession or feedback which you can post through "Feedback" section.

Well, I don't know where I exist in the world of programming, but I have a lot of enthusiasm towards developing the software. I have started creating games from my first year of engineering. I have chosen to create games because it needs good logic and extreme level of programming skills. Moreover it enhances creativity also.