C/C++ Programming

Life is a computer program and every one is the programmer of his own life. To get the desired output from your life, just write the code accordingly. The better you write, the better result you will get.

The best way to learn a language is start speaking it out whatever you know. Same is the case with C/C++ also. Do start programming with whatever you know and you will learn the other things also. In this section, you will find many things related to C/C++ programming. Exercise has been divided into 5 difficulty levels, which tests your logical thinking and programming skills in C/C++. Frequently asked question contains various conceptual question which is commonly arising among many people.

Quiz section is the mean to find out how closely the C/C++ compiler is known to you. Various tips and tricks will help you to develop your interest in C/C++ programming.

If you want to post the problems or give the suggession, you are always welcome. You can mail me at soft.gandhi@gmail.com.