My Personal Pages

I can live without programming as long as you can live without oxygen. It might be a mere melodrama for most of the people but for me it is a fact. Well, I have the freedom of speech and I can speak anything.

This is my personal page and here you will know me more closely. I rarely do anything other than programming and playing chess. Programming is not only my hobby and passion, but a lot more than that can be spoken into words. Playing chess is other side of the coin which helps to keep my mind fresh. Some of my other time pass is Writing Poetry in Hindi, Listening Gazals, and chatting and rocking with my friends.

In this page, you will find my personal likes and dislikes, and everything that i want to share with the world.

Name: Anurag Gandhi
Profession: Software Engineer
Hobbies: Programming and Playing Chess
I am Crazy about: Programming

I hardly do anything other than programming and playing chess. I usually do programming in C, C++, Visual C++, ASP.Net and C#.Net. I love programming in any language but programming web application with code file as is my favourate. Playing chess is my another interest. I am not a grandmaster not even comparable to them. But I play chess because i like it.