When I have started learning Graphics in C/C++, one of my friend has shown me a game called "Bricks" developed in C language using graphics. It was good but I was not satisfied with its look and performance. So, I decided to create my own and by the start of my third year of engineering, I have created it.

This game Bricks is composed of 10 stages. In every odd numbered steps, you need to break the bricks without letting the ball to fall down. In every even numbered steps, you need to create the bricks in the same manner. In addition to this you have been provided with 10 missiles which can help you to make or break the bricks. You can't use the missile more than 10 times. You can play the game at 10 different speeds and you can also switch to any level without completing the present level. To explore more options in the game, just go through the various options. Scores or points are earned depends on the level and the speed at which you are playing.

This game took around 2 to 2 and a half month to create it in my 2nd year of engineering. I have also enhanced some features after that.

This game is similar to the famous game bricks.