SoftPad is an advanced text editor. I have developed this software in Microsoft Visual C++ 2003, and I upgraded to visual C++ 2005 later. This software mainly deals with creating, editing and saving the text (*.txt) file.

SoftPad contains a lot of facility which makes the text editing easier. Moreover, it has text to speech facility, which can speak out what ever you have written. You can view the file property, you can count the data, you can duplicate the lines and you can change the case and margins with no effort using this software. Sorting the lines, cleaning extra spaces and removing the blank lines is some of the other features which makes your job easier.

SoftPad also contains good find and replace functionality. Lines can be sorted, duplicated, erased, moved up or down very easily using the short cut keys.

I personally created this software because I was facing a lot of difficulty in editing a Text file. After creating the second version of the SoftPad, I have got a lot of suggessions from many people. Keeping all the things in mind, i have started working on third version of the SoftPad which will automate many common operations and will give you much better performance than the previous versions of SoftPad.